I Have Heard This Time & Again…

I heard you.  Are you wanting to work out during this shelter-at-home order but can’t hit the gym because it’s closed? Do you find it hard to get moving and stay consistent because you need accountability? 

I have heard this time and again from people in my community: “I need a gym, a personal trainer and group fitness classes to stay consistent and hold me accountable.” 

I totally understand because I used to think this way too. In fact, I even went to an evening Jazzercise class with my sister-in-law when I was a newlywed.  This is why I am here today to tell you about a story of how I came to realize that you do not need a gym membership to be consistent with your fitness. 

25 years ago, I would fight traffic home from work, rush around to change clothes, find my water bottle and towel, then drive up to the rec center to meet my sister-in-law for a Jazzercise class.  Then after class, we would chat and I wouldn’t get home until around 8:30 or 9:00 pm.  I would be so tired and hungry that we would end up eating from a drive-thru which totally negated the workout!!

Jazzercise classes were supposed to get me in shape and help me lose a few pounds.  It was a lie I was repeating to myself day after day.

I had an “aha!” moment that I could save a lot of time if I worked out at home.  At that time, I worked full-time and was a part-time college student.  I did not have time to spare!  

Today, I will give you 4 reasons why needing a gym membership is not necessary.

Let us break things down once and for all!

● You can schedule your workout sessions on your phone calendar same as you would an expensive session with a personal trainer.  Would you ever miss a session you paid for?? NOPE. 

● Utilize the online home fitness programs in the BOD library (CLICK HERE) or access the FREE workouts (CLICK HERE) that I put together for you.

● Minimal equipment (if any) is needed for all of the workouts I talk about.  Also, you can take your workout anywhere there is internet access, so space is not an issue either.

● Accountability is not a problem when you join my FREE group. It’s just us girls…we check in to a private app to log our workouts and cheer each other on.  (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)

As you can see, the thinking that a person needs the gym to get moving is actually untrue… I will always remember that fateful day when I realized that I could be consistent with my fitness and take back my time that I so desperately needed to focus on other things.  I no longer believed that gyms and personal trainers were the ONLY way. 

Here’s to better things to come!

 As always, I’m rooting for you in your health and fitness journey!

CHEERS!  xoxo

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