Why Things Haven’t Been Working Out For You

If things haven’t been working out for you in your attempt to lose a few pounds this year, I completely understand. 

You see, things were like this for me as well. 

Thinking that eating a Keto diet was the key to effortlessly losing weight, I dived right into it.  I devoured all these articles and freebies that were really more confusing that anything. 

After about 6 months of spinning my wheels, I was left feeling jaded, demoralized, and I didn’t see how I could ever lose weight.  And to top it off, I had actually gained weight during this process! 

Let me tell you why most people don’t end up losing weight on the Keto diet.  First, you’re supposed to eat more healthy fat than anything else. This increases your calorie intake exponentially!  But the literature tells you not to worry about calorie intake.  “The weight is going to start falling off.”  Okay…sure it is…

With the Keto diet, you are chasing this unicorn called “ketosis”, which I don’t believe ever happened for me despite obsessively testing with those urine strips.  

Second, they tell you that it’s not necessary to exercise.  While I do believe exercise is not as important as nutrition, I do think it is important for overall health. And especially important since you just added a lot of extra calories to your day!

Third, veggies and fruit are the enemy.  They have you so focused on healthy fats that veggies and fruit are forgotten.  Your diet becomes extremely unbalanced and your body feels it.  I mean — bacon, as delicious as it is, is simply not a vegetable!! 

It is really not your fault, so do not worry. 

It’s just the way things are… that because of all the confusing information out there, many people would have issues trying to lose weight with the Keto diet. 

Let’s work together and change things! 

You need someone to guide you and show you the correct way forward. 

I volunteer! I have navigated all of these obstacles, and know what’s right and what’s wrong. 

I have put together this total solution package for a healthy lifestyle.  It is the perfect balance of REALISTIC FITNESS and REALISTIC NUTRITION. 

This nutrition program teaches you a balanced approach to eating that is sustainable and makes you feel amazing!  And it includes 30-minute workouts that easily fit into a busy schedule.  

As always, I’m rooting for you in your health and fitness journey!

CHEERS!  xoxo

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