The ONE Thing That Made a Difference

Recently, I got tired of the weekly grind of meal planning. Trying to plan, shop and prep gets tiring after a while. It happens to the best of us, right?! 

Then, I had the opportunity to take a few “days off” from it because our schedule was jam-packed with events – and I went for it.

I went for the lazy way out…meaning back-to-back unbalanced meals, take-out, even DONUTS!!!

After a few days, I felt lethargic, bloated, all the things…BUT gained so much clarity on my goals!!! 

I realized that there’s this ONE thing that made such a big difference for me when it comes to feeling amazing, energetic and healthy.  

I was subconsciously doing it, while consciously choosing NOT to do it.  In a low moment at a recent event, it suddenly dawned on me how without this ONE thing, everything just falls apart… 

Yes, it is to meal plan using the portion-control system that I learned in the online course!  The one I preach about all the time!

Going through this online course was life-changing!  It taught me how to put together healthy balanced meals that are the correct portions for my body.  Eating according to this plan completely satisfies hunger, makes you feel your best at all times with no snack attacks!

The downfall is that old evil habits sneak back into our lives real quick.  I recognized this in myself and stopped those old habits dead in their tracks!  

UPDATE: Today is exactly one week after this epiphany. I’m feeling much better, definitely less bloated and more energetic. Also, I am down 2.5 lbs.!

Here are some of the ways you can master healthy meal planning for you and your family: 

  • Use my weekly meal plan (based on the portion-control system mentioned above) to get your week set up for success => CLICK HERE
  • Use a shopping list app to organize everything for efficiency – I use AnyList => CLICK HERE
  • Schedule some time in your weekend to prepare as much as you can. 
  • Dive into the online course and learn how to put together healthy balanced meals that are the correct portions for you => CLICK HERE

Over to you, girlfriend!  Have you mastered healthy meal planning for you and your family? 

As always, I’m rooting for you in your health and fitness journey!

CHEERS!  xoxo

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