Happy Vday (+ My Love Story)

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Whether you’re swinging single, in a relationship, in a complicated relationship, engaged, or married, may you have a day filled with love and joy! 

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share with you a little love story of mine. 

Here’s the story of how I met the love of my life… 

We first met at a country/western nightclub called “Chances” in Dallas.  It was a Wednesday night, exactly one week after Valentine’s Day.  I had bought myself a really cute outfit to wear because I had just broken up with my boyfriend (retail therapy is my jam).  I spent WAYYYY too much on it, but it made me feel so confident!  Then I convinced my 2 best friends to go out for a little pick-me-up good time!  Little did I know that I would pick up my future husband that night.

Tim was there with 2 of his friends and his cousin that was in town from Indiana.  We saw them when we walked in and didn’t think much about it.  It didn’t take long for his friend to ask my friend to dance (thanks Shane & Jennifer!).  We all danced, talked, played pool and drank some beers until closing time.  And here we are 28 years later…!

Something I learned from this whole experience of falling in love that has helped me to be a better wellness coach is that your life hinges on you figuring out what you need, want and desire.  When you are laser-focused on that, you will cultivate an environment to achieve just that.

I’ve grown to become more aware of how daily choices really make a difference in achieving your dreams.  I’ve learned exactly how much consistency is the key to success.  I strive to develop highly effective habits that will push me to be the best wife, friend and coach I can be.

Crazy, right? 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

CHEERS!  xoxo

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