Before & After Photos

I was sorting through my photos and found a bunch of very crazy old photos showing very different stages of my health and fitness journey. 

They reminded me so much of everything I have gone through in the last few years. I just thought that I would share them with you!

Gosh, this brings back so many memories. The truth is, this was the first time I was seriously injured from my workouts.  It was September 2012 when I pulled my left tibialis posterior tendon.  This tendon is essential for balance.  At this time I was doing P90X2, (which focuses on balance) and I had started cutting my calories considerably.  As you can see, that was not serving my body well.

Ah, another one…April 2013. I was about to turn 40 and had just completed a 3-week vegan cleanse.  I felt amazing and lost over 10 pounds!!  This is where the diet confusion amplified and took a turn for the worse.  A few months later, I started gaining weight and really struggling with what to eat, when to eat…all the things.

Now, this is a more recent photo…December 2019. Now 46 years old and I have finally put all the pieces together! 

Realistic Fitness. Realistic Nutrition. 

A well-balanced fitness program with 30-minute workouts 5 days a week. A healthy and balanced diet that includes all food groups – and even allows for cocktails!! I am more knowledgable in all areas and continue to evolve in my health and fitness.

I am so grateful for everything that I have gone through…even the failures! It was horrible back then and I wouldn’t wish for anyone to experience what I have been through, but my mistakes have made me so much stronger as well. 

Wow, it’s amazing how things have changed for me. If someone had told the past me that I would be where I am today, I would have just smiled politely in disbelief. 

These photos may seem like random photos to you, but they hold so much significance for me.  They show how far I’ve come in my health and fitness journey.  They illustrate that a healthy balance is essential to living life.  And that fuels my passion for sharing this knowledge with all of you.

Thank you for going down memory lane with me! 

As always, I’m rooting for you in your health and fitness journey!

CHEERS! xoxo

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