I Saw This On Facebook…

Yes, it’s something really juicy… and also insanely relevant to your goal of meal-planning and portion-control!

Check this screenshot out: I have censored the names! 

Interesting, right? 

I saw this on Facebook and immediately thought about publishing this blog post because there’s such a valuable teaching moment present right there!

Wanting to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you know and love.  It just means you need to know how to plan and how to make smart swaps!  It’s soooooo much easier than you think…I swear. 

Recently, there have been many of you who said that you needed help with knowing what to eat and when. 

This Facebook post shows something – that with my simple system, you will learn how to eat the foods you love and still lose weight. IT’S WHAT I CALL REALISTIC NUTRITION.

It reminded me that we make things so difficult for ourselves when things can actually be so easy! 

Like how I managed to lose a few pounds over the holidays instead of gaining weight. It’s 100% possible!  You know I’m all about that REALISTIC NUTRITION.  Let’s do this together. 


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