Yeah, I’m into fitness…

CIRCA 2011…Our life was mainly frozen, pre-packaged foods and drive-thru cuisine.  We ate A LOT of frozen pizzas, breaded chicken, Whataburger, Taco Bueno, etc.  I knew it was all loaded with calories, sodium and chemicals, but we were merely surviving this busy world we live in.


I have always done workouts several days a week.  I am very shy and self-conscious, so I always work out at home.  I have done all those programs you’ve seen…Tae Bo, Jillian Michaels, The Firm, etc.  I have even gone on early morning runs with the neighbor’s teenage daughter when she was training for school athletics. 

A friend from work and I joined up to hold each other accountable with our workouts.  We would check-in after every workout.  One day she told me that her boyfriend had borrowed P90X from someone and she had done a workout with him.  I thought she had lost her mind!!  That program is for those super-fit, athletic people and it was not for normal people, like us.  She assured me that it was totally doable and that it was actually fun! 


I started researching it and decided to take the plunge and order it!  This was a HUGE investment for me.  I had never spent that much money on workout DVDs before in my life.  My husband made me commit with a handshake that if I ordered it, I had to do it.  I am a woman of my word, so I committed and completed 2 full rounds of the program.  I learned SO MUCH about myself!  Most 0a5a7354da23308ab3005fb2b2d54874importantly, that I can do anything I put my mind to.  I may have to modify at times, but that was OKAY.  I felt strong and it gave me a new level of confidence that I never had before.  I realized that all the Beachbody workouts are made for every level of fitness…including asthmatic, uncoordinated, non-athletic ME!

In the P90X workouts, Tony Horton kept talking about this nutrition shake called Shakeology.  I never paid much attention to him until I realized that I had only lost a few pounds from doing 6 months of these workouts.  I knew it was my nutrition (the frozen and drive-thru cuisine) because I was getting rather ripped in the muscle department!  I researched Shakeology and it sounded too good to be true…AND IT WAS EXPENSIVE!  Again, I had never spent that much money on any shake.  I discussed with my husband and decided to order a bag to try.  It was almost a game to me, like “let’s just see if it really does what they say it does”.  


I was surprised at how good it tasted and that I really did feel different after a week.  It’s hard to describe, but my body felt “happy” on the inside.  IT REALLY DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES.  To go along with this quest for nutrition, I ditched the frozen food and turned my back on fast food.  I also began tracking my food intake and drank Shakeology every day for breakfast.  I started another round of P90X.  By the end, I had lost 12 lbs. and felt AH-MAZ-ING!!  I vowed to NEVER go back to my old ways.

That was January 2012.  I still drink Shakeology every day.  My husband also drinks Shakeology every day.  Our doctors are very pleased with our annual blood work results img_4569and we usually only see them once a year for a physical.  I am proud to say that we are not on any medications as we approach 50 years of age!

In short, this is not a fad or a phase…BEACHBODY IS A LIFESTYLE…and I will continue to live it and share it with the world as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.

CHEERS!  xoxo


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