Pizza and Beer are OKAY

My Goal:  Lose 10 lbs.
My Action:  Eat an entire pizza, drink beer and sit on the couch all night

My Goal:  Pay cash for family Xmas presents
My Action:  Spend entire paycheck each week on shoes and makeup

Do you see a problem with either of these??  LOL!  This is what happens when we lose focus and our actions don’t line up with our goals.  Who’s guilty of this?  I AM!!!!!!  I would bet money that almost everybody is guilty.


HEY — it’s okay!!  We can’t be laser-focused on our goals 100% of the time.  How stressful would life be if you didn’t take a break every now and then to cut loose?!?!  It’s okay to take a cheat day.  It’s okay to give yourself a gift for working hard.  BUT, when playtime is over…it’s time to get back to work on achieving your goals.

So, how do you get re-focused after a break?  You take a moment to review your plan and get your head back in the game.

What do you mean you don’t have a plan???  GET ONE TODAY. Here are 3 simple steps to make a plan and achieve your goals:

1.  Write out your goals on paper.  YES, ACTUAL PEN & PAPER. Trust me!  There’s something about you physically writing the words out.

2.  Find some pics to print from Pinterest, Google search or cut out of a magazine…some sort of visual reminder of what you’re working towards.  Look at it…stare at it. Take in that vision and become it in your mind.

3.  Make a list of actionable items to get to where you want to be.  Literally, ALL of the baby steps it’s going to take.  Then you can start marking things off as you accomplish them.  There’s nothing more satisfying than marking an item off a list!!

SECRET TIP — Take pics of these 3 things with your cell phone. If you’re having a weak moment and it’s not appropriate to cut loose, get your plan out and review immediately!!  Then ask yourself:  Do my actions align with my goals?  If the answer is NO, ask yourself:  What’s my goal??  Oh yeah (…read goal, see visual reminders). Then ask yourself:  What can I do to move forward towards my goals instead of falling backwards?  (…review list…make a better choice)

Now, get to work on achieving your dreams!!!

CHEERS!  xoxo


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