Instant Pot


Love spaghetti squash but never have enough time to make it for dinner??  Here’s the FASTEST way to cook a spaghetti squash!!  All you need is an Instant Pot, a cup of water and 10 minutes. Ingredients: 1 spaghetti squash (pick one that will fit in your Instant Pot) 1 cup water Instructions: Cut spaghetti … Continue reading FASTEST SPAGHETTI SQUASH


Fast and easy is what you’re looking for…BBQ CHICKEN THIGHS in the INSTANT POT is the answer!  It’s also keto-compliant, which makes it ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.  It is inspired by a similar recipe found on Pinterest by blogger Confessions of a Fit Foodie.  Of course, I have made my own alterations to the recipe making it … Continue reading BBQ CHICKEN THIGHS