Healthy Summer Smoothies

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In it you will find 5 fabulous recipes with a shopping list, so that you can make these delicious and healthy treats ASAP.

Want to take your smoothies to the next level?

You know I love my superfood shake (a.k.a. vitamin cocktail) each day! These smoothie recipes can use ANY superfood/protein powder blend, but if you want to follow along with my go-to, we have a special $20 sample kit you can buy!

Ready for smoothies that will level up your summer?

This vitamin cocktail has been a game changer in my health journey. Since starting to drink it back in 2012, I can tell you that my personal experience is that energy, digestion and depression have all improved…and that’s just to name a few things. Oh and it tastes great too! My best advice is to try it for yourself. I promise that you will feel the difference.

As always, I’m rooting for you in your health and fitness journey!

CHEERS! xoxo