Recovering Tortilla Chip Addict

So, my husband and I have been reading Wheat Belly Total Health per his doctor’s recommendation. This book discusses all things gluten, wheat, grains and how toxic they are to our bodies. This book is EYE-OPENING to say the least. We trust our government and food suppliers to make the best decisions for our families…WE SHOULDN’T.

Together, my husband and I are adopting this gluten-free/grain-free lifestyle in an effort to drop some lbs. and reduce inflammation in our bodies.  Really bad timing, so close to our vacation to Cancun, Mexico. But here we go…!!!


At home, food hasn’t really been an issue since we had already cut out most gluten. But cutting out all grains brings it to a whole new level. We have tried new recipes…I even made tortilla chips and bread that are compliant with the book guidelines.  Hubs cut back on beer.  I cut back on wine. We’re officially down over 7 lbs. in 2 weeks for us combined!!  Now the real test…VACATION.

On our flight, we discussed our plan on how to handle ourselves.  We’re headed to an all-inclusive resort with fabulous food and drinks. Alcohol is definitely a weak point for us. HELLO…Cocktails ‘n Fitness is my business name for a reason. We decided to focus on eating the right foods and let alcohol go. It is vacation, right?!?!


I am happy to report that we were 98% successful!!!!  The few desserts and a little sushi were the only obstacles. I did not eat one tortilla chip…NOT ONE!  I wasn’t tempted because I still had EVERYTHING that I love!  I smeared guacamole on my flank steak.  We had delicious omelets, chile rellenos, beef tenderloin, fresh veggies, cheeseburgers (no bun), fresh fruit, cheese plate, freshly shaved prosciutto…the list goes on and on!  

Perspective is everything!  Food is our first source of vitamins and medicine for our bodies.  When you only give it chemicals and genetically modified foods, it freaks out  and gets inflamed…which is the perfect setup for obesity, illness and disease.  Take care of your body!  Take time to feed yourself and your family wholesome food.


Most importantly, teach your children what ACTUAL FOOD is, what it looks like and how to cook it.  FOOD is not something in a package with 50 ingredients that you can’t pronounce and zap in a microwave.  FOOD is not pink slime burgers in a sack from a drive-thru dollar menu.  That is called P-O-I-S-O-N.  I beg you…please stop poisoning yourself and your family.

From a recovering tortilla chip addict…I’m bringing sexy back by bringing ACTUAL FOOD back!!!  I hope that you’ll do the same.

CHEERS!  xoxo


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